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Our talented team will work with you to bring your vision to life. Stories are at the center of our existence. We grew up watching movies, TV shows, writing and telling stories. All of this eventually developed into a keen interest in making movies. We grew to love movies and their ability to transport us to a totally different reality, even if just for a short time.
“Greetings!!! It takes guts to follow your dreams. But seems like it takes a lot more of ‘suck your guts in and step your best foot forward’ to start your dream production house!
Mediocrity was not an option so greatness is our only starting point. Mumbling like a mutt lee over way too many lattes we finally summoned our courage to start living our dreams…and that is how SHUTTER BLINKS came to be.
We are an electric group of filmmakers, hailing from different parts of the globe, bringing diverse skill sets and representing a wide range of artistic sensibilities. From conceptualizing, scripting, production and delivery, we are fully equipped to create content and tell stories, for any medium.
Features, Television – Fiction/Non Fiction, Documentaries, Advertisements, Music Video, Animated films, Graphic Design and Corporate Films are some of the avenues of storytelling we have explored. We wish to be associated with people and organizations that love storytelling, whatever form it might take.”


Some of our services include..






Avinash Prakash

Avinash Prakash


Avinash is a creative director specialized in concept development, screenwriting, sound mixing, video editing and acting. His impeccable knowledge makes him a well rounded director applauded for 16 documentaries, 106 episodes of travel show, 37 music videos and 50 gags aired on television. He has also performed as the lead actor on 50 episodes of a sit com. His artistic acumen, energy and ability to manage artists and craftsmen with finesse, sets him apart.

Shruti Shankar

Shruti Shankar

Creative Director

Shruti integrates two crucial qualities in her work - immense patience and a creative imagination, both of which form the foundation of her work in computer graphics. She specializes in Graphic Design, 3d / 2d Animation and Website Design. While working in Los Angeles, Shruti gained extensive experience and worked on movies such as Oblivion, Jack - the giant killer, Iron Man 3, Star Trek into Darkness, G.I.Joe: Retaliation, Pacific Rim and Wolverine.

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